sorry, but art does not apologize.

When I’m all mixed up, I’m Carmela Cuba.

I like how that name feels in my mouth. A caramel /carmel cube is sticky, square, solid, pliable, and sweet. Naked under cellophane wrap, its simple promise is familiar, yet mysterious. Once in awhile, it is exactly the thing. It’s nobody’s favorite, and doesn’t owe any favors.

Everyone knows the right way to pronounce it and spell “car(a)mel,” and knows the other way is wrong. Those beige candy cubes are nonplussed. They’re not hung up on labels. They can be stretched like gum and gobbled up, or they might tumble around linty recesses for awhile to be compulsively picked at later, or they can be melted down into something else. They are simultaneously mundane and fascinating in a way that makes me want to get messy and make some art.

I made this art. I liked making it, and hope you like looking at it. If so, please let me know.

Original art and prints are available for sale. Please don’t re-post without linking to this site, or use images for any commercial purpose without permission.


One thought on “sorry, but art does not apologize.

Because Everyone Has One

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